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Top 10 Things to Know When Investing in LED Floodlights

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When it comes to lighting establishments, LED has become a popular choice for builders, home improvement contractors, and other professionals with a similar line of work. Its numerous benefits not only make LED commercial light fixtures a good choice to help businessmen save money but also to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs, serve as a bright source of light despite their size. Since the first batch of LED bulbs gained fame over other alternatives, this two-lead semiconductor now comes in different forms—from panel lights and strips to spotlights and floodlights.

Floodlights are often used to illuminate wide areas like theatres, stadiums, playgrounds, and parking areas. This type of LED fixture is made to beam out bright white light at a broad angle to cover a vast area.

In this article, you will learn 10 facts about LED floodlights that can help you decide whether you should invest in this type of lighting fixture or not.

7 Benefits of LED Floodlights

LED floodlights have become quite popular for a reason— seven reasons to be precise. Here are some of the better-known benefits of these light fixtures over other lighting alternatives:

1. Security

Light has a way of deterring crime, be it intended against people or property. LED floodlights can emit a powerful light projection at a wide angle that can cover almost every part of a backyard, especially if positioned at just the right angle. It can also support the use of surveillance cameras by providing clarity in terms of the visibility of anyone moving around a place and enhance facial recognition even at 30 feet.

2. High-Quality Light

LED lights, in general, are considered one of the best choices if you’re after top quality brightness. While it is now available in various colour temperatures, it is still better known for being arguably the best white light source there is. In fact, it can even produce bright enough light to make night-time in a stadium look like daytime.

3. Longer Lifespan

Longevity is another important factor expert builders and contractors consider when choosing floodlights, and this requirement has made them devoted LED floodlight fans even more compared to other light alternatives like incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), or halogen lights. These lights don’t just flicker out without any warning— LED lights gradually dim, giving you enough time to get the necessary replacements.

4. Imperviousness to Changes in Weather and Temperature

One reason why LEDs last longer than other light alternatives is their resistance to extreme temperature and weather changes. Be it under freezing winter snow or hot summer days, these lights remain efficient which is why they are the perfect choice for floodlights that are often used outdoors.

5. Energy-Efficient

The energy efficiency of LED bulbs cannot be overstated as it not only removes the need for frequent bulb replacement but also uses about 80 percent less electricity compared to its counterparts.

6. Better Heat Regulation

Overuse sometimes causes typical light fixtures to overheat, but this problem has been resolved in floodlights with LED bulbs. This is because light-emitting diodes conserve energy by not emanating heat and are a great choice for use in cold storage warehouses.

7. Lower Replacement and Maintenance Costs

Because of their longevity, resistance to weather and temperature fluctuations and heat regulatory capacity, LED floodlights don’t require frequent replacement. On top of that, these bulbs are often covered by unbreakable shells that protect them from damage caused by impact.

3 Factors to Consider When Using LED Floodlights

Before setting your mind into using LED floodlights for your next project, you must first understand three factors you need to consider when using these light fixture products, including:

1. The level of brightness

An important thing that needs to be added on your LED floodlight checklist is the level of brightness which is measured in lumens rather than watts. This is because LED lights consume far less energy compared to other light options (a 10-watt LED emits 900 lumens of brightness which is equal to that of a 60-watt halogen bulb). Therefore, it’s brightness cannot be accurately measured by the electricity it consumes.

2. LED light colour temperature

LED bulbs come in various light colour temperatures, each appropriate for specific situations. The most common among these is the cool white LED that has a brightness of 6500K lumens and exudes a tinge of bluish light. For gardens and other places that require sunlight-like brightness, you can choose a warmer white or RGB LED bulbs.

3. Location and area to be lit

Another important consideration when choosing the right LED floodlight for a specific project is the location and area to be lit. When installing a floodlight for a residential area, it is best to set the light at an angle so as to prevent it from reaching the neighbour’s property. This should also be the practice when using LED floodlights in places with lots of vehicle traffic where bright light can hinder drivers’ vision.

Ready to Invest in Floodlights?

Knowing these top 10 important things is just the first step towards successfully investing in LED floodlights. The next thing you should do now is to choose a supplier of high-quality LED floodlights for your next project.

Drop us a line, here at Nakashi. We’d be happy to discuss your project and have a quote ready for you immediately.

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