LED Lighting - Technology & Quality

Energy efficient, long Lifespan


– Comparing energy consumption: 85% of Halogen, 50% of Fluorescent, Metal halide, High pressure sodium.

– Lifespan rated above 50,000 hours (sustaining 70% of initial brightness).

Comparing Metal halide and High pressure sodium with LED
LED assembly and packaging

Appropriate manufacturing process of LED


Packaging is process of assembling a chip with various raw materials to manufacture LED, highly affecting performance of the diode. Hence, leading brands offer assembled LEDs of superior quality by strictly supervising and carrying out the process themselves.

Optimum heat dissipation


LEDs generate heat upon usage and require its dissipation to keep up the lifespan. The appropriate type of circuit board and heat sink (housing) will result in reducing friction of heat transfer. Cooler the ambience, more is the lifespan. Therefore, housing of outdoor products require more attention. Nakashi luminaires are manufactured to withstand weather conditions of the Gulf region.

Aluminium Housing - optimum heat dissipation
Meanwell HLG

Effect of power supply / transformers


LEDs mostly operate at voltage of about 37V. Circuit of low voltage products are modified to 12V or 24V. Power supplies convert the Mains (220V) to required voltage and act as a bridge. Selection of power supply is equally important as the LED and housing to keep up the Lifespan. As a result, we strongly recommend and offer highly certified power supplies manufactured by leading brands.

Migration to LED


A complete LED fixture can be acquired for new installation or replacing existing fixtures. Alternatively, LED lamps (PL lamps, spotlights without frames, tubes without batten, etc) are meant for replacing the lamps used in existing fixtures. Basing the design and size of lamps to accommodate in existing fixture, a selected few may not be suitable for LED. Consequently, we refrain from offering such products and do our best to provide an alternate solution.

Energy comparison