NAKASHI | Quality LED Lighting

Provider of modern, technologically advanced lighting products for indoor and outdoor use, catering to residential, commercial and industrial areas

Indoor Lighting

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Residential spaces: LED Downlights, Spotlights serve the general and task lighting segments. Whereas, flexible strips serve as ambient lights and, therefore, are ideal for ceiling coves or highlighting decor exclusively.

Commercial spaces: LED Panel lights (600 x 600 mm) work best for dropped ceiling grids. Considered ideal due to diffused light with low glare and wide beam distribution.

Outdoor Lighting

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Facade: LED Floodlights, Wall washers, In ground lamps mark presence of elevated structures. LED Neon flex are environment friendly alternatives to cold cathode lamps and used as design element or signage.

Landscape: Consists of spike lights, bollards, garden lamps.

Common fixtures like Downlights, Spotlights are offered as IP65 rating for outdoor use. Other special application fixtures like LED Tri-proof lamps are best suited for garages and parking lots.